Tuesday, March 11, 2014

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

The Lavender Hinge Showroom @ The Belesario
520 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

Grand Opening: April 11, 2014, 6pm to 9 pm
Exhibition Runs: April 11 to July 11, 2014
Showroom Hours: Open Saturday 11am to 5pm and by appointment

The Lavender Hinge is pleased to present the opening of The Lavender Hinge Showroom @ The Belesario in Buffalo, New York. The inaugural exhibition features the work of The Lavender Hinge. The exhibition will be on view at 520 Main Street and opens on Friday April 11th 6pm - 9pm.

The exhibition celebrates the introduction of The Lavender Hinge to Buffalo, New York and the Greater North West New York area.

The Lavender Hinge’s actual origin and purpose is a bit of a mystery. It officially formed in New York City in 2011. The name signifies a sensuous collaborative venture between the artists Lisa Z. Morgan and Eric Magnuson and resides within the blurred boundaries of what is considered art, fashion, ethos, poetry, love and life.

The Lavender Hinge inhabits a tactile space and dimension, which straddles and bridges different or opposing genres, approaches and mediums. The work produced under this lavender umbrella reveals a story, which speaks about adoration, being, collaboration and the creative spirit found everywhere and within everyone.

The Hinge’s creative output ranges from sewn paintings to sartorial gestures, short non-films and sound pieces along with written fables, small-scale actions and enfleurage works. Each project and body of work joins and mingles at the point and hinging between presumed opposites. Discipline, gender, authorship and meaning are sublimated and merged. The yin and the yang, logos and mythos, reason and imagination and the cerebral and animal fuse and are married as one. That which was once perceived as separateness, now converges and becomes complete and interdependent through an inspired process.

The seeds of a concept for opening up a storefront/gallery/ showroom were first sown and envisioned while in New York City and the germination of this imagining is coming to fruition in the intriguing city of Buffalo on Main Street within the Belesario building (The old LL Berger Building) on April 11th 2014.

The Lavender Hinge Showroom will be a representation of a gallery as well as an actual physical space that houses works of art. The Hinge will exhibit its own work and also those created by local, national and International artists. The Lavender Hinge consider The Showroom as an extension of its practice whereby the gallery/showroom/store is as much an evolving work in itself as it is a vehicle to offer artwork for reflection and for sale. As each gesture and work is contemplated and purchased, invested and placed, the project becomes a living and breathing multi-site specific work.

For the Inaugural opening of The Showroom, The Lavender Hinge will showcase works, which focus on the ubiquitous and everyday buttonhole. As a subject this captivates The Hinge and through the exploration and scaling up of the ‘hole’ it swiftly develops into a cipher with an expanding vocabulary with each fabric employed creating a fresh interpretation. Be it an artists linen or a fine gentleman’s suiting fabric made out of cashmere, wool, mohair or silk, every fabric speaks a different woven story and articulates a particular quality. The ‘hole’ becomes infused with a distinct and sensuous personality and ultimately becomes an ancillary sign or device for storytelling.

One facet of the story flouts and examines the eternal feminine symbol, the ‘yoni,’ as both void and object as the buttonhole resonates and signifies a calculated historical exposing, defiance and celebration. Through the lens of painting the work is charged with a Fontana-esque explicitness and bold sexuality and yet is exquisitely devoid of graphic or vulgar illustration.

When the handmade larger-than-life buttonhole is inserted into a suit designed by Kiton, Marc Jacobs or Sean Jean, the penetration and marking of a man’s power suit with the hand-sewn slit becomes both a highly subversive and loaded act and artefact.
This is finely crafted work with an acutely critical edge, weaving together a delightful sense of play with a poignant and enigmatic mindset.

The Lavender Hinge Showroom @ The Belesario is a provocative initiative, aperture and dimension. The Lavender Hinge lovingly pushes the conversation forward and upwards towards contravention and mischievous manifesto. The Lavender Hinge is aesthetic and ecstatic romance. The Lavender Hinge is an extraordinary and radiant cascade.


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